The St. Johns Cultural Council has a proud twenty-year history as the local arts agency for St. Johns County, Florida.  We strive to build excellence within the arts and culture community for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. Through the generous support of the community, the St. Johns Cultural Council is proud to offer these various programs:

Individual Artists and Organizations 

  • Grants
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Marketing and Promotional Support
  • Online Webinars

The St. Johns Cultural Council assists local artists and arts organizations in obtaining financial assistance through local, state and federal grants. We provide professional and technical support to help them develop, market and promote local programs and events.

Our artist registry and online listing of arts organizations allow artists & organizations to develop collaborations and an online presence at no cost to them. Professional Development Workshops for local artists and arts organizations, in areas such as marketing, strategic planning and audience development, are offered to help artists and arts organizations build skills and capacity for local arts, culture and heritage programs.


The St. Johns Cultural Council promotes the development of arts institutions, community arts partners, cultural programs and activities and audiences within St. Johns County. As the local arts agency we are proud to support the work of many individuals and organizations throughout our community while offering support for programs that benefit community members of all ages. Businesses and individuals are able to invest in our work as sponsors of events like the ROWITA Awards, which recognize outstanding women in the arts.

ArtReaches Community 

  • Art, Dance and Music Classes
  • Blogs and Newsletters
  • Online Webinars

The St. Johns Cultural Council works with community and educational institutions to enhance and enrich the lives of community members of all ages.

We offer visual and performing arts activities for local children and adults through small and emerging organizations as well as individual artists. Programs have included Apex Theatre Studio, Fort Mose Historical Society, Saint Augustine Music Festival, Florida Chamber Music Project, Leonard Foster, Lincolnville Museum, Compassionate St. Augustine, and ACE afterschool arts program.

Our weekly blog and newsletters connect community members with educational opportunities and provide information about the rich history of arts and culture in St. Johns County.


  • Arts Education in Public Schools
  • After-School Programs for At-Risk Youth
  • Sponsorship of Arts and Culture Programs and Activities
  • Scholarship Opportunities

The St. Johns Cultural Council supports artists, arts organizations and businesses in assisting the County's schools to enrich the lives of children of the County. Students who participate in the arts attend school more regularly, do better academically and have fewer incidents requiring detention or incarceration.

We offer arts education programs for children and underserved youth and professional development for teachers. Recipients have included the ACE afterschool arts program, Lincolnville Museum. Limelight Theatre and Compassionate St. Augustine.  Additionally, ROWITA (Recognizing Outstanding Women in The Arts) scholarships assist outstanding young women in pursuing arts studies at the college level. Each year three $500 scholarships are offered to deserving students.