Request for Proposal and Qualifications (RFP): St. Augustine Beach Hotel Roof Repair

Location of Work: St. Augustine Beach Hotel, 370 A1A South, St. Augustine Beach, Florida

Scope: Reroof Spanish tile on building mansard and upper to include:

Remove single layer of existing tile (store onsite for reinstallation), underlayment, drip eave, flashings, pipe boots and venting from area complete to expose roof decking

  • As needed, Install new tile that matches existing color and size as close as possible to donor area
  • Inspect roof sheeting for structural damage from weather/water leakage
  • Inspect exposed roof framing, fascia and furring for structural damage from weather/water leakage
  • Install new Boral Tile Seal High Temp peel and stick to roof area per manufacturers specifications
  • Install new aluminum flashing and drip per specifications
  • Pressure clean area using chlorine solution to remove surface contaminants
  • Apply Unisil HS II Silicone Roof Coating "High Solids" 50 wet mils to transition area not coated
  • Reinstall ALL previously removed tile, ridge cap and accessories
  • Install new Roof tile to donor area matching existing as close as possible in profile and color
  • Install new Lead pipe flashing to all roof vented plumbing stacks
  • Apply Mortar to all caps to match Tile color
  • Install 3 new 4' alum. off ridge roof vents
  • Apply 1" x 4" patty of foam ashise to each tile (Miami Dade spec)
  • All fasteners associated with the new roofing material to be attached using stainless fasteners
  • Assist in pedestrian & vehicular traffic safety of jobsite surroundings via posting warning signage, cones, caution tape and also flaggers and perimeter protection as deemed necessary by Contractor
  • Clean and remove all debris from work area at end of each day
  • Provide full time supervision during length of project
  • Provide safety equipment per OSHA regulations for roof project
  • Provide & file all necessary forms to obtain permit for said scope of work [this said Contractor would do in AtoZ estimate, but not sure who the contractor is]
  • All debris generated by project to be remove via rubber tire dump trailer
  • Include availability and timeframe to complete work

St. Johns Cultural Council to provide:

  • Area for Material laydown and Staging
  • Bathroom facility for roofer employees


Submission Instructions:

Proposals (Estimates) must be submitted electronically in PDF format.

Email submissions to:

Brenda Swann, Associate Director
St. Johns Cultural Council

They must be received no later than 5:00 PM on November 4, 2022.

Post Date

October 26, 2022