Dr. Gail Pflaster Recognizing Outstanding Women In The Arts Awards

Each year the St. Johns Cultural Council recognizes women who have profoundly influenced the artistic environment of St. Johns County with the Dr. Gail Pflaster ROWITA (“Recognizing Outstanding Women in the Arts”) Awards.

Members of the community are encouraged to submit nominations of women who have made significant contributions to the arts in St. Johns County through their work, leadership, or philanthropic support.

The nominee’s impact on the cultural community is the most important criteria for determining the final selections. Visual, literary, and performance artists, educators, presenters, and philanthropic supporters of the arts are eligible for the award. Past nominees who have not been selected are also eligible to be re-nominated.

Nominations may be submitted electronically between November 1st and December 31st of each year. 

Nominators must submit the following information for each nominee:
1.  Contact information for Nominator

Email Address:
Mailing Address:

2.  Contact information for Nominee

Email Address: 
Mailing Address: 

3.  Nominee Website (if applicable)

4. Number of years Nominee has resided in St. Johns County

5. Headshot of the Nominee

This photograph will be used for publicity.

6. Nominee’s Personal Biography

Include place of birth, education, etc.

7. Nominee's Professional Biography

Include clear examples of leadership or support for the arts in St. Johns County. Nominees may be artists or non-artists who have shown leadership and support for the arts either through their work (both paid and volunteer) and/or their financial support.

8. Submit Supporting Materials

Include media coverage or letters of support that illustrate the Nominee’s role as an arts leader/supporter in St. Johns County. Only five or fewer examples may be submitted.

9. Provide a Narrative explaining why Nominee should be honored with a ROWITA Award.

Include the community impact of the Nominee’s work, contributions, leadership or advocacy to the arts community in St. Johns County. One-page maximum.

Email completed nominations to sjcc@historiccoastculture.com with any necessary attachments in PDF, Word, or JPG formats. 

For assistance with your online submission, please contact the St. Johns Cultural Council at 904-808-7330 or by email to sjcc@historiccoastculture.com