2016 ACH Grant Program In Kind Volunteer Hours

May 15, 2015

2016 ACH Grant Program In Kind Volunteer Hours Match Procedure TDC Approved 4.20.15

For the 2016 ACH Grant Program, the TDC and Board of County Commissioners have authorized use of volunteer time as match for grants in the Reenactment and Enhancement Categories.

Calculation of volunteer time that will be used as match will be as follows:

  1. Volunteer time must be directly time specific to the event or program funded by the ACH Grant. That is, within a period of 10 days prior to or 10 days following the event or program, directly related to the set-up, take down, or evaluation of the event or program.  Volunteer hours for prior planning of the event, fundraising for the event or other time not specifically related to the production or presentation are not eligible as these hours would be considered the equivalent of staff and/or administrative costs.
  2. All Volunteer time must be within the grant project period outlined in the application, or within the October 1-September 30 Grant year as appropriate. An exception may be granted upon prior approval of the TDC for specific event related task performed by volunteers outside the time window noted above.  Applicants requesting approval should notify the TDC well in advance of the event and detail the tasks to be performed by volunteers as matching funds. ACH Grant Applicants should provide details of volunteer match in the ACH Grant Application.
  3. Documentation of individual volunteer time will be required.  A “Volunteer Time Log or time sheet ” must be kept showing name of the volunteer, date and number of hours worked, brief description of the task for which the volunteer worked (i.e. usher, concession, stage crew, etc.), and the dollar value per hour and total.  Volunteers on multiple days should be listed on each volunteer’s time sheet.  At the conclusion of the event or program, the volunteer should sign the time sheet attesting to the correctness of the volunteer donation.  In the event of questions on hours or value the ACH Grantee should be prepared to disclose the contact information of each volunteer.
  4. The ACH Grantee will submit with the final report a copy of each volunteer time sheet along with a document that shows total volunteer hours and total dollar value to be eligible to be considered as match.  Valuation of volunteer hours is equivalent to cash and therefore appropriate documentation must be provided as is with other in-kind donations.
  5. Valuation Options for TDC Approval.  The TDC at its Meeting on April 20, 2015 approved volunteer time valuation based on the Independent Sector Report for Florida at $21.61 per hour.