St. Augustine Orchestra: Free Benefit Concert

October 19, 2016

Music Benefit - Wednesday Nov 2 at 8 pm.

The St. Augustine Orchestra will perform for free at the Lightner Museum, and will solicit voluntary donations for a local relief effort to aid displaced residents of St Augustine.


Discussions are underway as to the selection of the organization(s) which can manage and disburse funds.

More information will come soon.


The Orchestra will post more information at its web site and Facebook page and we urge you to check them

We will get the latest information on these public sites first.

If you “friend” us on Facebook, you’ll get the news as it unfolds.



The Cafe Alcazar/swimming pool is our home venue for 4 concerts per season.

It took on water and our regularly scheduled concert date was cancelled.

Bob Harper has invited us back to make up for the lost opportunity to contribute our talent to the cultural diversity of St. John’s County and St. Augustine.

In this we would like to do more in generating some much needed funding to help disaster relief.

We are your neighbors and friends and hope the turnout and generosity for victims will be overwhelming.


The entrance to the Café/swimming pool off Granada Street will open at 7 pm.