REQUEST: Be a part of our National Arts and Humanities Month campaign

September 15, 2017

In celebration of National Arts and Humanities Month, Americans for the Arts is launching a social media campaign intended to highlight personal stories under the hashtag - #ShowYourArt2017.


Building on past campaigns using this hashtag, #ShowYourArt, is a strong platform through which Local Arts Agencies and individuals can work together to raise the visibility of the value of the arts in their lives and in their communities.


Do you dance when no one (or everyone) is looking? Do you sit in the park (or in meetings) and draw? Have a journal filled with words or doodles? Maybe it is a public art piece or art experience that changed the way your community thinks or feels, the way you look at your work, your world or your life.


We would love to have your story as part of our 31 day campaign and beyond.


How to get involved:



(For example: Name: Ruby Lopez Harper, Facebook:, Member ID: 123456, Email:


  •      Send a sentence (20-25 words) about how your show your art.

(For example: Choreographing musical theater is one of my most fulfilling ways of making art. I love sharing that experience with my kids.)


  •      Include an image (Ideally 800 px by 800 px)

(For example: I’ve got a great photo of me carrying my infant daughter while leading a rehearsal.)


  •      Give us permission to use your quote and image by including this in your email:

“By sending this quote and image, I acknowledge that Americans for the Arts has the right to use the quote, the image or a combination of both for marketing purposes related to National Arts and Humanities Month and other Americans for the Arts promotional purposes.”


If you have any questions, contact Ruby via email ( or by phone (202.371.2830, x2079)