New musical performance for families will be staged on Saturdays in April

January 28, 2016

NOTE: All children are played by adults

(written by Molly Shannon)
Saturday, February 27 at 2:30 p.m. at Limelight Theatre
Molly Shannon has created numerous unforgettable characters on Saturday Night Live and in movies such as SUPERSTAR and NEVER BEEN KISSED and now introduces young readers to her latest hilarious creation, TILLY THE TRICKSTER. Tilly is a mischievous girl who loves nothing more than causing a little trouble. From leaking cups to toothpaste-flavored cookies, Tilly has a trick for everyone: her mom, dad, brother, classmates, and even her teacher. But when the tables are turned and her family does some scheming of its own, will Tilly decide to change her trickster ways?
Note: All children are played by ADULTS. All animals are played by ADULTS. Tilly's brother is a PUPPET! Tilly's Mom doubles with Mrs. Mooney, and appears briefly as a cat. Tilly's Dad doubles with Principal, and is the voice of the bus driver. Luke plays the young principal, Emily appears briefly as a bird and controls the Teddy puppet. Peppermint (dog) appears briefly as a Cow.

Directed by Leah Page

Actors must bring a 32-bar cut of a song (an accompanist will be provided), as well as 1-2 minute monologue. 
There will also be a dance call so those auditioning should bring a change of clothes or wear something they can move in.
Actors should bring a resume, headshot, and list of conflict dates for rehearsals. Rehearsals will be scheduled in the evenings.  

This new musical performance for families will be staged in Limelight Theatre's Koger-Gamache Studio Theatre, a 75-seat black box space. 

11 a.m. April 9, April 16, April 23 and April 30.


TILLY CALLAHAN - The spunky yet adorable nine year old hero of our show. Her sense of adventure, play, and imagination is as sharp as the tips of her pigtails.
PEPPERMINT - Tilly's dog. He speaks with a high-fallutin accent and has the wisdom of Buddha, but the attention span of a... wait what was that?
TILLY'S MOM - Her heart's in the right place but, unfortunately, a Mom's always gotta be a Mom.
TILLY'S DAD - Has dreams of a calm life; a life by the ocean. A life where he has more hair. Sometimes he goes there in his mind.
TEDDY- Tilly's five year old brother. A little bit clueless. He'll do anything for an oreo. Oh..., and he's a puppet.
LUKE - Tilly's mop-topped male friend. She's too young to have a crush on him. Really she is. No, she is. Shut up.
EMILY - Tilly's bookish friend. If anyone else put those glasses on, their eyes would melt. If anyone else wore that giant green knapsack, they'd never be able to get off the couch.
MRS. MOONEY - Tilly's music teacher. Once upon a time she could have been an opera singer. Just ask her - if you've got an hour to kill.
PRINCIPAL - Sometimes things are so important to him that he needs to say them again... and again.
YOUNG PRINCIPAL - The Principal. But young.

11 Old Mission Ave.
uptown St. Augustine
FREE parking