Current Arts Openings at Duval County Public Schools

October 21, 2015

School Name, Arts Area, Principal, Phone Number

SP Livingston Elementary, Visual Art, Ms. Williams-Scott, 904-630-6580
Kernan Middle School, Visual Art, Ms. Suzanne Shall, 220-1310
Matthew Gilbert Middle School, Visual Art, Ms. Jamelle Goodwin, 630-6700
Northwestern Middle School, Visual Art, Mr. Tyrus Lyles, 924-3100
Young Men’s and Young Women’s Leadership Academies, Visual Art, Ms.Tamara Williams & Mr. Truitt Moreland, 630-6900
Matthew Gilbert Middle School, Band, Ms. Jamelle Goodwin, 630-6700
DuPont Middle School, Chorus, Ms. Marilyn Barnwell, 739-5200

Submit your application online at
For more information contact Jeff Smith, director of arts, at or 904-855-3349 ext. 2.